In our IT education projects, we co-operate with local NGO, schools and other education institutions inAfrica. We provide support in setting up a computer room and in drafting and offering IT training programmes for beginners and advanced students.

In Germany, we partner with companies, institutions and private people who like their computers to be re-used in a sustainable and socially responsible way.  An important partner in equipping our partners in Africa with hardware is Labdoo. Labdoo is a non-profit collaborative social network which brings unused laptops loaded with educational applications to schools.


We work demand-driven, need-based and act on requests of local organisations in Africa.  Once we have approved the project and secured financial means, we start implementation based on a jointly agreed work plan.  We equip the computer roon with hardware, support with software installation and help get the lab up and running.


The partner organisation recruits the participants of the classes after having established selection criteria such as motivation and the financial situation of their families. The training curricula is closely developed with the partner organisation, because they know the needs and interests of the potential participants of the IT classes much better than we do. Leapfrog offers class-room and online trainings and provides traccess to online learning plattforms.


Leapfrog continuously monitors the progress of the courses to ensure its the quality and to make sure that they have an impact on people’s life. Our partners regularly send progress reports, we have online discussion sessions, evaluations and visit our projects regularly.

It’s our aim to provide IT education to many children and youth in unconnected areas