Leapfrog and Activ Spaces organised Mobile App Development Hackathon in Buea, Cameroo

Team “Steve Jobs” is the winner of the 2019 Mobile App Development Hackathon sponsored by Foundation North South Bridges, Leapfrog and Zuoix.

Many young developers from the Silicon Mountain area were competing to win the cash prize of XAF150,000, sponsored by Zuoix. The Hackathon has been the last event in an 18- months training project with Activ Spaces in Buea. Leapfrog and Activ Spaces trainers have trained more than 200 young developers in Buea to boost their IT career and to secure a livelihood. With the ongoing crises in Buea, life has become difficult for young people. We believe that IT may be a way out of poverty.

Schrank ausmisten für IT Bildung in Afrika

Leapfrog macht mit bei der sozialen Initiative “Platz schaffen mit Herz”. Mit Eurer Spende ausrangierter Kleidung entmistet Ihr nicht nur Euren Schrank, tragt zur Wiederverwertung oder Recycling der Kleidung bei, sondern könnt auch mit dem Code, den Ihr pro eingereichtem Paket erhaltet, für Leapfrog abstimmen.https://www.platzschaffenmitherz.de/

Die ersten 50 Vereine erhalten eine Spende je nach Platzierung zwischen 500 und 3500 EUR. Damit ließe sich viel Sinnvolles umsetzen.

Our programme “Young IT Power in Mitume Community” in Kenya enters next phase

Since 2016, German we have been supporting IT education in cooperation with the Mitume Community Development Project in Tuwan Location, a poverty stricken community in Kitale, Kenya.  The city is one of the biggest urban centers in Kenya. 60% of the young people are unemployed, mostly because they lack the required skills to successfully enter the job market.

Thanks to a grant from Stiftung Umverteilen , we are now able to enter this programme in its 3rd phase.  We are aiming to support 100 young people from the community to access the job markets, with a focus on young women and supporting the reconciliation and peace processs between the different tribes living in the multicultural town of Kitale.  We will have different training sessions on IT basics and entrepreneurship, job skills training and workshops with our Actor for Change and Peace Ambassadors to promote a peaceful life for everyone.