“Empowerment through digitalisation” – 2nd phase of IT trainings in Mathare ready for kick off

Plakat "Empowerment through digitalisation"

Together with Media Mundo we will start the second round of IT trainings for young people in Nairobi’s informal settlement Mathare on 19 June. The virtual and face-to-face workshops on media literacy, social media, internet privacy, fundraising and other topics will take place in the “Glimmer of Hope” community library in centre of Mathare, which now offers more space after renovation.

Plakat "Empowerment through digitalisation"

“Digitale Bildung für den Acker” – Article by Leapfrog in the “Südlink” Magazine

“So far, it is mainly the global agribusines that benefis from digital agriculture. By teaching digital skills, smallholder farmers can also use this development to farm more productively and efficiently and improve their lives,” write Andrea Glaab and Katrin Jullien in Südlink Magazine about Leapfrog’s experience with digital skills training for women working in agriculture in Kpassa in Ghana.

Kick off in Cameroon for trainings on digital Marketing and WordPress

Together with our partner organisation ActivSpaces from Cameroon, we have launched a 3 months of intensive training for young people in Buea on WordPress and digital marketing. The aim of the training is to enable young people to find income opportunities in the so-called “Silicon Mountain” of Buea. As we found out in a previous analysis, the educational offers have so far only insufficiently succeeded in training skilled workers who can develop international standard products. The trainings are funded by Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken and private donations.

Digital skills for teachers in Uganda – not only for Corona times

Training students and teachers in ADEGO Fast Internet Center in Bukedea

Training students and teachers in ADEGO Fast Internet Center in BukedeaThe closure of schools in Uganda due to Corona hits many pupils hard. But not everyone is equally affected. While students from well-off families can take advantage of online learning opportunities, this is not possible for many students. They and their teachers have no access to digital media and only limited digital skills. Together with our partner organisation ADEGO from Bukedea, Uganda and the Stiftung Eudim, we would like to change this situation. We aim to provide 50 teachers with digital skills, give them and students access to fast internet and show what potential digital tools have for a different kind of teaching. We would like to thank the Stiftung Eudim for the great donation of 3000 EUR for this project!

Economic perspectives in a crisis – business development in Buea, Cameroon

Teaching Wordpress in Buea
Teaching WordPress in Buea

With funding from the Foundation North-South Bridges and many private donations, we and our partner organisation ActivSpaces from Cameroon have been supporting IT training with a focus on business development since 01.09. Although Buea is also called “Silicon Mountain” because of its creative IT scene and ecosystem, there is a lack of IT professionals. The education programmes do not sufficiently succeed in educating and training specialists who can develop international standard IT products. With practice-oriented training courses in Buea, we want to make young people with an affinity for technology fit in digital marketing, wordpress and customer communication by June 2021 and thus strengthen their economic prospects.

IT Trainings in Nairobi’s slum Mathare for young people

IT Trainings in Mathare for young people

Roughly 500,000 people live in a very confined space in Mathare. Access to education is a challenge for most young people there anyway, and even more so in times of Corona. Schools in Kenya will probably remain closed until January 2021. Together with “Bildung fördert Entwicklung“, “Mathare Community Center Library” and “Media Mundo” we have been offering computer courses in the community library “Glimmer of Hope” in the middle of Mathare computer courses since July. Besides basic computer skills, we want to teach how digital technologies can be used to attract public awareness for Mathare. Over the next few months, we want to teach 300 young people digital skills to better prepare them for their professional future.

Corona Global Podcast – Leapfrog and MCDP speaking about the Corona situation in Kenya

Civil society must remain vigilant and access to information is essential,” say Katrin from Leapfrog and Daniel of the Mitume Community Development Project (MCDP) from Kitale, Kenya in an interview with Radio F.R.E.I. from Erfurt. Access to the Internet plays an important role in this. Listen in: https://audio.radio-frei.de/podcast/geborgte%20Zukunft/Corona_Global-Kenia.mp3

The “Corona Global” series was developed by the Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken in cooperation with Radio F.R.E.I. from Erfurt and the WSD expert Uwe Flurschütz from Arbeit und Leben Thüringen e.V. supported by Engagement Global/BMZ.

What do mental health and digitalisation have in common?

Viele junge Menschen sitzen an Tischen während des IT Unterrichts

People who are poor, have little education and are far from urban centres are often excluded from access to digital media. Poverty can affect mental health and, vice versa, mental illness can make people poor. Together with our Kenyan partner organisation Mitume Community Development Project und On the Move e.V. we are currently discussing how IT education and digitisation can help those affected by mental illness and health practitioners. A project is in preparation. More information will be available here soon.

Digital tools for women in agriculture in Ghana

Women at digital tool workshop

There is no doubt that digital tools can make work in agriculture and agribusiness easier, increase sales and lead to more sustainability and environmental protection. But which tools can actually help the women in Kpassa, Ghana, to improve the income of their small businesses and smallholdings in agribusiness? This is the topic of our workshop on digital tools in Kpassa, which we are conducting with our local partner FARIAD in cooperation with Esoko Ghana. The workshop is financed with funds from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development via the North-South Bridges Foundation.

Digital tool workshop for women
Unter der Anleitung von FARIAD und ESOKO lernen die Frauen, wie sie digitale Tools in der Landwirtschaft und im Agribusiness anwenden können

Leapfrog and Activ Spaces organised Mobile App Development Hackathon in Buea, Cameroo

Team “Steve Jobs” is the winner of the 2019 Mobile App Development Hackathon sponsored by Foundation North South Bridges, Leapfrog and Zuoix.

Many young developers from the Silicon Mountain area were competing to win the cash prize of XAF150,000, sponsored by Zuoix. The Hackathon has been the last event in an 18- months training project with Activ Spaces in Buea. Leapfrog and Activ Spaces trainers have trained more than 200 young developers in Buea to boost their IT career and to secure a livelihood. With the ongoing crises in Buea, life has become difficult for young people. We believe that IT may be a way out of poverty.