Bridging the digital divides

Without IT qualifications, young people in Africa have little chance of finding a qualified job.

Digital divides reinforce existing inequalities: the inequalities between the global South and North, between rural and urban populations, between gender and between old and young people

Leapfrog e.V. contributes to closing the digital divides.

The digital divides are a social issue, which refer to the different access to information and communication technologies (ICT) between North and South, men and women, rural and urban and old and young.

Potential of ICT for development

We are convinced that information and communication technologies have great potential for the development of societies and for individual development.

We support our local partner organisations in creating access to the digital world for disadvantaged groups and offer high quality IT education.

What can you do about inequalities?

Giving a small donation to women in Ghana to help them getting a better income through IT education.

Women in Ghana learning to use digital tools in their agribusiness

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