Empowerment through IT, Phase II

Title: Empowerment of young people in Donyo-Sabuk in Kenya through IT, Phase II
Partner: DISC Initiative, Kenya
Duration: July 2013 till March 2014
Financial Support: Foundation North-South Bridges through means of the German Federal Ministry for Development Cooperation and private donations

In this course, 100 children, young people and teenager mothers from poor families of the region are gaining computer knowledge and internet skills: How to write a text, how to create a table or a presentation, where to find relevant information such as job offers in the internet – these are the agenda points of the courses that are tailor-made to the needs and levels of the participants.

“Jobshadowing” is another module of the programme which enables participants to get first insights into the world of work and to apply the gained knowledge. The DISC Initiative, Leapfrog’s partner is organising jobshadowing with the County administration, Kenya Canners, National Youth Service, ViAfrica and so on.

The DISC Initiative, Leapfrog’s partner, is mobilising pupils at school for the IT class.
Katrin and George from Leapfrog Berlin are visiting the project site and are talking to a young mother who has successfully finished the course for the young mothers.