“Empowerment through IT” in Ol-Donyo Sabuk, Kenya

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Title: Empowerment of young people in Donyo-Sabuk in Kenya through IT, Phase
Partner: DISC Initiative, Kenya under its coordinator Charles Ochieng
Duration: July 2013 till Decemner 2015
Financial Support: Foundation North-South Bridges through means of the German Federal Ministry for Development Cooperation and private donations

Tea and fruit plantations as far as the eye can see. The region around Thika, 80 km northeast of the Kenyan capital Nairobi, is one the biggest areas for the big global fruit producers. For anyone who does not want to work on the plantations and is looking for a better qualified job, computer literacy is indispensable. But computer courses are usually expensive and only offered in the big cities.

IT education programme

In close cooperation with our partner “The DISC initiative, we have provided IT knowledge to more than 300 youth and young adults people from the Donyo community since September 2013.

Leapfrog is providing IT education for young people form poor families. Besides IT basic education, the participants can learn how to design a website with open source.

Leapfrog e.V. provided funding to the IT courses as well as technical expertise to the computer infrastructure and the training programmes. We have not only supported IT education, but also e-learning on hygiene measures, misuse of drugs, HIV/AIDS and family planning. Young women and mothers were a particular target group of our IT programme, because they usually have the poorest chances on the job markets.

Young women are a particular target group of the IT programme in Ol Donyo Sabuk

Jobshadowing and job application training

“Jobshadowing” is another module of the programme which enables participants to get insights into labour and to apply the knowledge they have acquired. Job application trainings helped the students design a good CV and prepare for an interview. Curricula in schools usually do not cover such preparations for the professional world of labour. Jobshadowing” in Ol Donyo Sabuk was supported by the County administration, Kenya Canners, National Youth Service and ViAfrica and others.

Website design and coding

For advanced students, Leapfrog offered a train-the-trainer course to introduce into coding and designing websites by using open source. The following topics were covered by the train-the-trainers course:

  • Scrum Basics
  • Website & Internet Basics (HTML, CSS, LINUX, XAMPP/Netbeans)
  • PHP Programming Basics: Overview of webapplication with PHP, My SQL & Apache, syntax, types, strings, constants and variables in PHP
  • PHP Standard Framework Bascis
  • PHP Standard Application Basics
Participants are learning how to create a data base for websites

“The course helped me improve my marks, because I understood that you have to make the best out of opportunities such as school and IT courses. I’ve learnt to write emails and texts with tables and graphs, and I scored 313 points out of 500 at the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. Such a result was unexpected only one year ago.”

said Mike, a 14 year old student.

Leapfrog regularly visits its projects for quality insurance. The picture shows one of our discussion rounds with a young mother who has successfully completed the IT basic course.

Leapfrog team with th team of our partner organisation “Disc Initiative” in front of the ICT center