IT Qualification for women working in agribusiness and young people in Kpassa, Ghana

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Partner: Fair River International Association for Development (FARIAD)

Duration: February -August 2019

Donor: Foundation North-South Bridges with means of the BMZ and privtate donations

In Nkwanta North District in the Volta Region in Ghana, about half of the total population of over 80,000 work as small farmers. In total, agriculture contributes 38% to the gross domestif product in Ghana.

ICT to increase income

Used sensibly, information and communication technologies for agriculture and agribusiness can help increase profit and facilitate working conditions – see study on ICT4Ag:

Therefore, the Ghanaian organisation FARIAD approached us with the request to provide their main target group – women and young people – with IT skills to help them male their business more profitable. Agribusiness, the processing of agricultural products such as fruits, rice, crops, cereals etc. is one of the most importnat sources of income for the people int he district.

Supporting women in agribusiness and young people

Leapfrog is supporting 40 women working in agribusiness and 40 young people to increase their turnover through the use of IT and digital tools and thus build a sustainable livelihood.

  • Expansing of the FARIAD computer room with the installation of a local server as learning plattform
  • Workshop to discuss various digital tools for agriculture and agribusiness available in Ghana
  • Working with standard office applicaton
  • Modules in product labelling, presentation of the busines, online shop creation, online marketing, digital accounting, customer communication, analysing buying patterns and trends etc.
  • Leadership training for women to strengthen their role in district development
  • Job fair and cooperation with local companies